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JetLite Affiliate Programme launched on Shoogloo Network Review 2011

JetLite Affiliate Programme launched on Shoogloo Network Review 2011

MUMBAI: With the launch of its Affiliate Network, JetLite, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jet Airways, has joined the affiliate marketing programme. This will be in collaboration with Shoogloo Affiliate Network.

Focused on marketing innovation and having taken a lead in the travel e-commerce market, Jet Airways was also the first Indian airline to offer an affiliate programme in 2008, also in collaboration with Shoogloo Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Marketing is a pay for performance marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more website owners for the transactions that are carried out as a result of the websites' effort. According to industry experts, the JetLite Affiliate Programme is a significant step forward for e-commerce in the country. While the Jet Airways partnership was the first affiliate programme for any airline in India, the JetLite programme is the first of its kind for a low-cost carrier in the country

This announcement also comes at an opportune moment as the aviation industry is showing definite signs of revival. Domestic passenger traffic has increased when compared to last year, with the Jet Airways/JetLite combine maintaining its position as the largest airline group in the country.

With a significant portion of ticket sales coming from online transactions, one may say with a fair amount of certainty that Affiliate Marketing has contributed significantly to the overall pie.

Belson Coutinho, General Manager – eCommerce & Innovations, Jet Airways said, “We have been impressed by the results delivered by Shoogloo on the Jet Airways Affiliate Programme. It is only natural that we now replicate the model with JetLite. We are confident in Shoogloo's ability and commitment to drive sales for JetLite and make the programme as successful as Jet Airways' original Affiliate Marketing initiative.”

Shoogloo Affiliate Marketing CEO Sajal Gupta commented, “The JetLite Affiliate programme further strengthens the bond between Jet Airways and us. The programme is path breaking among the e-commerce market in the country. Our partners, the affiliates are also very excited on this development and are looking forward to making this campaign a success. The Jet Airways programme is one of the most sought after campaigns on our network and I'm sure that JetLite will be in equally high demand.”

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