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What Is Domain Extension ? How to Choose Best Domain ?

What Is Domain Extension ? How to Choose Best Domain ?

A domain name is the unique name that identifies an Internet site. Universal Resource Locator, or (URL) of your site basically consists of three parts, the prefix of the first Internet World Wide Web, which is short for (www), the domain name of the second most important, a term that you enter the site and the third extension of the domain name, also known as domain name, suffix, which closes the address of the site. Com. Net .Org

Although, the situation is discussed already on possible moves to restrict. Org domain names in non-profit, as was originally planned in the current situation is that all three of these domain extensions are available to anyone, without restrictions, and is widely recognized throughout the world.

net : Networks — Reserved specifically for networks

org : Organisations — Non Profit Organizations

edu : Educational – Educational institutions like schools

gov : US Government – Reserved for the United States Government

int : International Organisations – Organizations that operate on an international

mil : US Dept of Defense – Unites States Army, Navy, Marines, Air force, and others.

pro : Professionals – Professional websites and different types of services

biz : Businesses – This one is used by businesses, but normally they just use .com

info : Informational

Every country has its own extension that no one else has access to. Of course they are too numerous to name here, but a few examples might be:

.Au- Australia

.ca – Canada
.fr – France
.hk – Hong Kong

.Pk – Pakistan

.us – United States

Hope this will give you fair hint about domain and its extension, so take some time and do research before you buying a domain.

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