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What is Difference Between Ad Network vs Affiliate Network

What is Difference Between Ad Network vs Affiliate Network

Ad Network is also a mediator which sits in between a merchant and publisher and provides the trackiing technolgy as does the affiliate network. However there are many differences which seggregate an affiliate network from an ad network.

Below are listed some of the major differences b/w an ad network and an affiliate network.

1. Affiliate network purely work on CPA/CPL model (pay for performance in other words) whereas an ad network work on CPM/CPC and CPL as well (upto some extent) model.
2. Affiliate network work on click cookie (30-45 days normally) where as an ad network work on session cookie when it comes to CPL. This is an advantage for an affiliate.
3. Affiliate network gives an affiliate complete control of an ad running on his website and he can choose to promote the product an affiliate is willing to as compared to ad network where affiliate doesnt have any control over an ad.
4. Ad networks are more specific to demographic, behaviorial targeting of a product as compared to an affiliate network.
5. A merchant has the complete transperancy of where the traffic is coming from as far as the affiliate network is concerned whereas ad networks could be completely blind and a merchant has no idea where the traffic is coming from.
6. Affiliate network has compeletely different group of affiliates which are content rich websites, cashback sites, email marketers, niche websites dedicated to a merchant which might not be very high but very targetted traffic generator. Whereas an ad network has group of websites which has very high traffic.

Ad Networks in India
Below are given the popular ad networks in India.

* Komli Media
* Tyroo
* Tribal Fusion
* NetworkPlay
* OzoneMedia
* IndiAds
* Paypod
* Axill
* Integrid Media Solutions
* Ad Magnet
* AdChakra
* Adwinks (Ibibo Group)
* Tonictag

Affiliate Networks in India

* Shoogloo Network
* Dgm India
* Rupiz Affiliates
* Clixgalore
* AffiliateCurry
* Vcommission

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