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Top TEN-10 Useful Sites For Traffic Building Website Lists 2011-2012

Top TEN-10 Useful Sites For Traffic Building Website Lists 2011-2012


Its a blog community that allows its users to share their blogs. Blogged also provides the latest major news events, giving the chance for its users to make comments about them and also share these stories on other sites (facebook, twitter etc).

Estimated Monthly Visits - 1,446,400
Google Page Rank - 6


There are 2 ways to use this site you can either become a publisher or a marketer.

Estimated Monthly Visits - 28,639,000
Google Page Rank - 6


Its a service that makes it easy to share things in real time with your friends online. Friendfeed also allows you to pull in items from other sites such as Facebook, Blogger, flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Google Talk, Delicious, Youtube, Digg and 64 other sites. So if you make an update like a status update in facebook/twitter or add a picture in Flickr or bookmark an item in Digg it will immediately get updated in your freindfeed account. But you can choose which sites (facebook, twitter, youtube etc) you want to connect with friendfeed so when ever you make an update in any of those sites it will show up in friendfeed. So Friendfeed is a place for anyone to see all the updates you make in 72 different sites in real time, this allows them to see all of the updates you make in many different sites at one place.

Estimated Monthly Visits - 19,477,000
Google Page Rank – 8


This is a great site dedicated for online marketers to share the latest internet marketing related stories and have discussions related to internet marketing. More than promoting your content I would say it’s one of the best sites to learn great things related to internet marketing.

Estimated Monthly Visits - 2,171,600
Google Page Rank – 6


Now this is by far one of the best sites that can flood traffic to your site/blog. Here’s how it works, first you need to add the Addthis widget to your blog/site. After you have done this if any visitor finds your content interesting and he wants to share one of your blogposts/webpages in another site then he can just click on the Addthis widget and share it in another site he wants like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, Blogger etc (currently the Addthis widget allows readers to share any page in 341 different sites). With just a few clicks Addthis makes it possible for your readers to share your content in sites they like and there are 341 sites to choose from. Addthis is a perfect example of "Viral Marketing".

Estimated Monthly Visits - 68,108,000
Google Page Rank – 10


The power of twitter should never be underestimated. Twitter is capable of driving targeted traffic to a blog/site if its used properly. But one question I asked myself was “Does More Twitter Followers Mean More Traffic ?” . And I found a great article about this topic. I would recommend you to click on the below link and just have a look as it shares some useful info.

Does More Twitter Followers Equal More Traffic?

Estimated Monthly Visits – 732,947,000
Google Page Rank – 9


This is a consumer review website. The users can write positive/negative reviews on just about anything (Movies, Food, Websites, Blogs, Electronic Products etc). It can be a great place for you to get your blog/site noticed by readers interested in your content and positive reviews by other RateItAll members can be great.

Estimated Monthly Visits - 906,300
Google Page Rank – 5


Estimated Monthly Visits - 736,600
Google Page Rank – 3


Linkedin is the worlds largest Professional Network with over 100 million members. Linkedin can play an important role in your social media marketing campaign.

Estimated Monthly Visits - 447,096,000
Google Page Rank – 9


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