Friday, December 9, 2011

Top Legit India Affiliate Program - Affiliatecurry Best Make Money Tips

Top Legit India Affiliate Program - Affiliatecurry Best Make Money Tips

AffiliateCurry, one of the best and most successful Affiliate Program in India. In general the term "Affiliate" is termed as the Act Of Connecting something together as a group. I recommend to read about basics of Affiliate Program first if you don't know anything ?

As far as AffiliateCurry is concerned, it was formed by the year '04 and it is an Indian based company doing best in the Online Market for the couple of years. You should know the two terms Merchant and Publisher, a Merchant is the one who wants to promote some thing (a website, product) online & the publisher is the one who really promotes that something for the Merchant. The Promotion could be any of these things, making referal or traffic to a website, purchasing a product online, free sigup in a website etc. Finally, the Merchant will pay the Publisher a commision of money for that promotion.

simply saying, publisher promotes merchants product for money.

Don;t worry I am not telling you to become a Merchant or a Publisher. The way here am going to suggest you is the simple and effective way of making money from AffiliateCurry. If you help AffiliateCurry you will be directly paid by them.

What kind of help ?

If you make somebody to join AffiliateCurry as Merchant you will be paid approx USD 45$ (Rs. 2000 Indian value) value).

How To Join Affiliate Curry ?

1) Go to Affiliatecurry.
2) Signup as Affiliate and get approved by mail.
3) Once joined you will get the Affiliate Referal Link, using that link you have to make others to join Affiliatecurry as Merchant.

You will get Rs.2000 for each referal you make through your link. Receive Payments through Cheque once a month.

Tips To Make others to join !!!

1) Tell your friends to signup as Merchant, even you can share a commission with your friend.
2) Send Mails to Newsgroups, Google groups, Yahoo groups explaining about program by adding your referal link in the body of mail.

Itz guarantee that sure some peoples will join Affiliatecurry using your referal link. The more mails you send and more peoples you refer to join, you will receive more Merchants and more money paid from Affiliatecurry.

I know this is the best and easy die hard way of earning money online without any much risk, no investment, no stress. Just spend sometime whenever you are feeling free or boring !!!

Try Affiliatecurry Today !!!

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