Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top Legit Affiliate Programs - DGM In

Top Legit Affiliate Programs - DGM In

DGM India- A wholly own subsidiary of Deal Group, part of dgm Holdings Plc. The Company’s principal activity is the delivery of ROI through affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, display inventory and email, either as individual channels, or as a complete solution.Commission: different
Type: all
Since: year 2007

Coverage: India
Company domicile: India India

Payout minimum: INR 1000
Payment methods: wire transfer, PayPal, check

Affiliate software: custom
Cookie tracking: 30 days

Affiliate network: yes
Automatic registration approval: no
Could not open register: no
CSV export: no
Drop shipping: no
International registration: no
Order forwarding: no
Promotional articles: no
Referral system: no
XML export: no
We tested: no
Welcome bonus: no
Without issuing invoice: yes

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