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Top Legit 5 Easy ways to get approved Google Adsense Account

Top Legit 5 Easy ways to get approved Google Adsense Account

Every blogger want to have an adsense account recommended as best option for publishers but mostly get rejected .Every one wants to earn money as part time whether you are college/school student or job professional .
Out of many, online earning money through your site is the best option in my opinion. How to earn from it ? surely you have to do some work on it , it’s not a cakewalk. Writing blogs makes you a good learner as well as gives you the same opportunity.
Reason might be :
Domain is not older than 6 months
Not having top level domain like .com, .org, .net, .cc (expensive one), (yups my domain)
Copy/paste content
Less number of posts & get some more unexpected reasons.
You might have seen few people selling their adsense accounts, in my opinion except few countries like US/UK/Canada you can’t change payee name, so its a suggestion not to try to get accounts from them. NO need to panic as here i am going to share how easily and early get approved adsense account .

1. Bukisa: Bukisa is a US based website focusing on spreading knowledge based content related to any category. Now, its offering you to request for adsense through bukisa by writing few unique articles for them.
So, first just sign up with google adsense and write few unique articles (10-15 is enough) and there will be option of earning in login panel. Just select google adsense and go to signup page of adsense. In the form there will be option of “allow bukisa to access your account” . You have to select that .
Now, why should i give access? Reason they share 40% of the total revenue .
You will get 60% of total earning. Sounds not good. Don’t worry …
just earn few bucks after approval and uncheck the option to “allow bukisa to access your adsense account”. Great ! isn’t it ?
Few people even got approved in 1-2 days from it.
Go to Bukisa :

2. Indyarocks : Many might know about this one as they are provide same offer from many days. Its a social networking site allowsyou to make friends, upload videos, share photos, write articles, send free sms and others similar things like games, status update etc.
so, what you have to do is …..
Fill the 90% of profile (atleast)
Upload 10-12 photos in album
Upload your original picture of your profile .
Write atleast 2 unnique articles ()
They even offer you to earn $0.05 for sharing and watching every video.
Sounds good too !
visit indyarocks :

3. Docstoc: Its is an website to read documents, presentations online. Yes, they offer you to get adsense by uploading documents in it (do not upload copyright ebooks or other documents). Try like this, first upload daily 2-3 documents or make around total of around 40 documents .
Yes, they also take 40% of your revenue from ads.
visiting page:

4. Flixiya: Now, this one also works quite well. Here, you have to upload photos, embed videos, write 2(atleast) but i suggest try few more if possible.
They do not take any revenue from you allow you to earn with 100% of your income…thats really great!!
visit page

5. Hubpages: Now here also you have to write articles they call it hubs when you write them, in your profile it will show as your hubs.

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