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Top 6 Legit Pay Per Install Program Publishers Network Info 2011-2012

Top 6 Legit Pay Per Install Program Publishers Network Info 2011-2012

Toolbar is a great tool to get in touch with your online visitors and when it also provides you money for every time your visitor install your toolbar then who don't want to provide a free toolbar to their visitors. Pay Per install or PPI affiliate programs are a great way to keep returning visitors to your site and also generate good income out of it. There are many big software providers in the world who bundled a free toolbar with every free trail software and earn money for every installation, there are webmasters too who provides a community toolbar for their visitors. Toolbar installation affiliate programs are win-win solution for both webmasters and toolbar providers like Conduit. In Pay per install advertising, Advertiser pay an amount to publisher for every install of a toolbar by a user from publishers website.

Here we have mentioned some top Pay Per Install (PPI) affiliate programs which are most popular on the internet. these programs not only shares higher revenue with their publishers but also provides great tools for promoting publishers campaign for toolbar installation. PPI Providers offers various free advertising tools like banners, exclusive toolbar download page etc for making the publishers campaign more successful.

Best Pay Per Install (PPI) Affiliate Programs

1) Conduit :Join the Conduit Network Click Here
When we talk about pay per install programs, first name that comes into our mind is Conduit. Conduit is largest toolbar install advertising company. Conduit recently acquires Wibiya , which is a another toolbar advertising company. conduit claims 250 million users and 260000 publishers for their toolbar. on an average conduit pays $ 0.30 for every install and if you have more US installs this share increases. This is one of the best pay per install program found on internet. Apart from toolbar program conduit also offers affiliate program which is very catchy. Conduit offers somewhere between $10 to $50 for every qualified publisher referred by you to conduit.Again the share depends upon the geographical location of the publisher. For United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia = $50 per active publisher. France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy = $30 per active publisher.Rest of the world = $10 per active publisher.

2) Install Monetizer:
Install Monetizer is another big name in Toolbar industry. they have big clients like Bing, Real Player, yahoo etc. They offer upto $ 1 for every toolbar installation. if you are a Software developer then you can bundle their toolbar and can generate good revenue out of your software distribution work. The payout depends on the number of installs and geographical location. US Install payout is between $0.75-$1. For rest of the word payout varies between $0.40-$0.02. Install Monetizer have a referral program too, they offer 10% referral income for life which also sounds good. they pay on net 30 basis and for the same your account must have minimum $100.

3) Pay Per install
Pay Per Install is another PPI advertising company offers upto $3 for every toolbar installation. this is a new name in pay per install advertising industry. they have advertisers like Babylon, Reelflics, Webfetti, Wow free music etc. This is another good pay per install program to join.There are over 50 products to choose from with extremely high payouts. Many products are custom made just for Pay Per Install. You will not find them on any other network. They also have a referral program which allow you to earn 5% of all the revenue your referrals generate. It’s an easy way to generate recurring revenue each month from webmaster referrals.

4) Loud Mo
Loud Mo known for its high revenue sharing. Loud Mo Pay per install program offers upto $ 1.50 per installation which is very high in this industry. loud Mo also offers great tools to make more money out of each installation.You get paid $1.50 for US installs, $0.60-$0.20 for the other big countries and the best news is that you still get paid for installs from ANYWHERE in the world. Another great thing with Loud Mo is they provides 5% commission for you referring affiliates. Like Loud Mo other PPI Providers also offers affiliate commission.

5) Pin Ball Network
Pin Ball Network is a well known network in this industry. they pays up to $ 1.45 for every toolbar installation. They provides highest revenue share for US installation. For other countries their revenue share is comparatively low than other networks. They pays as low as $ 0.10 for a installation.

6) Per install cash
Per Install Cash is not exactly a PPI affiliate program but its similar to like Pay per install. Per install cash pays you for every software download form your website. they offers upto $90 for every 100 software downloads.

Pay per install Affiliate programs provides great opportunity if you use them wisely. You can earn $100 or more per day if you will work in a right direction with some innovative ideas to distributes the installations. Programs mentioned above are recommended by many webmasters over the internet but we recommend you to go through the terms and conditions for every program before joining and also read reviews about the programs. Every webmaster can earn money online using affiliate programs only if he joins them wisely. so do your home work first before joining any program and earn great money online. Keep visiting for more great tips to earn money online through Affiliate programs.

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