Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic on For Your Website/Blog

The Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic on For Your Website/Blog

1. Add Quality Content

Original content and sharing videos that have are entertaining is key.
A lot of times people think that adding content like girls on web cams or inappropriate stuff will drive traffic. The fact is,
it does drive traffic, however, if it's deemed inappropriate, not only do you risk losing your Google Adsense publisher account,
but no ads will appear surrounding your content. There are many Flixya members who have been suspended as well due to adding inappropriate videos and photos.
Why risk losing your Flixya account and the opportunity to generate an income?

2. Share Your Content

Another point made in the Flixya newsletter was that the first step in driving traffic was to share the content.
People will find your content, if there is any entertainment value, which brings me to my next tip,

3. Always add Accurate Titles

I think you're doing yourself a huge disservice if you do not add an accurate title that describes your video, photo or blog.
A title such as "Car video" isn't going to generate any interest. However,
a title such as "CRASH! BMW drifting in school parking lot" is much more interesting and will result in more views.

4. Always add a Description

Additional information that can be added into a description is as necessary as an accurate title.
People may be more interested in the video (or photos) if you can provide a strong description.
An example: "Check out my friend driving his new 2007 BMW in our school parking lot right before he hits a tree!" is much stronger than "Cool video".

5. Always add Tags! (keywords)

No one will see your video or content if you do not surround your video with relevant keywords. Videos and photos are not optimized for search engines and naturally, the only way they will be indexed in a search engine is with relevant text. The text that surrounds the content is also how the Google AdSense contextual ads are generated.

Adding content without a descriptive title, accurate description and lack of tags, will result in your content being buried and no one will know just how funny or entertaining your video is!
As easy and fun as sharing videos and photos and blogs can be, take the time to follow these tips or you are just wasting your time! Uploading a collection of 30 photos with the the title "Birds" isn't going to do much.

Quick Text Editing Tip: When you are logged in - you can edit or make changes to your videos and photos (after an upload) by clicking into the title and descriptions? Try it, it's a very quick editing feature that not a lot of people know about.

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