Friday, December 9, 2011

Subvert and Profit (Review-Not a scam)- Legit Money Making Program 2011

Subvert and Profit (Review-Not a scam)- Legit Money Making Program 2011

Subvert and profit is one of the easiest way to earn money online. Today social bookmarking sites have become so important amongst site users that they need more and more votes to their sites in these social bookmarking sites. Subvert and profit introduces an interface between the site owners and the people who want to earn money online.
The site owners gives some tasks in subvert and profit by paying and a part of it is given to its members who complete the voting. Thus, the website owners can get thousand of votes from genuine users all around the world.

Subvert and profit asks its users to download a toolbar. This toolbar updates you whether a task is available to you or not at a particular moment. This toolbar can work only in mozilla firefox.
The sites which are currently used by subvert and profit are:
So, just create an account in each of the sites and verify your username using the instructions provided in the sit. Once your username for a particular sites has been verified, you will be given tasks to complete.Complete the task and verify your task using the toolbar. The tasks come almost everyday. Sometimes there are 3-4 tasks per day and sometimes none.
Subvert and profit uses certain algorithm to choose which of its member should do a particular task so that your account does not get banned in a particular social bookmarking site. Also, you must vote on sites other than specified by subvert and profit to avoid getting banned by a social bookmarking site. But don't worry, your account will not get banned so easily. It is a rare case. Even if unfortunately you get banned, nothing to worry. Create a new account and verify it in subvert and profit.
The minimum amount that you will get for voting is 10 cents. The amount goes upto 60 cents as per the social bookmarking site. Payments are made through alertpay. Minimum payout is $10.

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