Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Social Media Marketing Strategies Tricks 2011-2012

Social Media Marketing Strategies Tricks 2011-2012

Social Media Strategies is social marketing and optimization and business. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Mixx.

Bookmarking is the way for user to share, organize information on internet. There are so many bookmarking sites available to get instant traffic to the website. Dig, Delicious, reddit, rambhai, stumpedia, gather, diggo, buddymarks, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Newsvine and many more.

Tagging is something when people get confuse for categories so they can put the tag relating to topics on bookmarking site and blog (as label). It gives better references to related content also.

Surely, all blogger saying that and I also hear that getting good traffic from blog. Blog will help you to get the good traffic to your website. If it would be quality and fresh content, and properly give internal links. Install translator plug-in to attract users who don’t know English.

Micro Blogging
Micro blogging is just like instant messages. In Micro blogging user can post their small message or some important information for sharing on internet using Twitter. It gives you the regular update. Micro blogging is quick way to communicate with people in group.

Rating and Reviews
It’s the place where user can honestly give their opinion about their website. It is the best way that how is your site is going on the web. It’s the way to share your experience regarding site, like shopping experience, gives feed back to website. It’s express how the people feel about the website or recent experience.

Photo Sharing
Many users share the photo on social media site to promote their products. Users also share their photo on social media site like Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Polyvore and many more…

Social Networks
Its place to user can update by something. Social Networking sites are promoting something productive and personal information. By many activities user can promote product or information by using Fan page, creating group, application etc…

Discussion on Forums
Forums are best way to post your question or informative information and also marketing your services. Forum posting really helps to drive traffic to your site. Posting exclusive contents in forum helps to increase page rank and also pull towards you members to share and discuss their opinion.

Widget is a small application which can easily put on your blog or website. When you read some blog at the same time you will find widget like “bookmark this” like that

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