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Protect Ur Gmail Account From Hackers 2011

Protect Ur Gmail Account From Hackers 2011

Gmail is a free email account service that offers you to create your email account and use it for free. But sometimes your gmail account become useless to you. The reason is you don't care about to secure your gmail account from hackers. Obviously, then your email account is hacked. So you have not to play with your gmail account without any security or recovery.

Why To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hackers ?

More protection is better. You have to Protect Your Account From Hacking. There are too many hackers around the internet who have set a net to hack your gmail account. One of the easy way to hack your gmail account is cookie stealing known as Session Hijacking. By this trick, hackers can easily steal your email account cookies which are always saved in browser when you log in to your account. So you have to protect your email cookies from getting stolen.

How To Protect Gmail Account From Getting Hacked ?

Always use https for gmail

Some better email service providers like Gmail gives us an option to choose whether you want to use https or http. Https is the security system in which our email cookies are protected so no one can steal our email cookies from our browser. In this way your gmail account is protected against the session hijacking (cookie stealing). Read below to enable https in your gmail account.

How to enable https in Gmail Account ?

1. Login to your gmail account and go to settings of gmail.

2. On the first settings page you will see an option saying always use https and don't always use https.

3. Select the "Always Use Https" option and your account is protected.

Add a recovery email, security question and your mobile number in gmail account

I suggest you to add at least on another email of yours in your gmail account so in case you have forgotten your password, you can recover it from the second email you have added in gmail as recovery email.

You should also add at least one mobile number of yours in gmail so you can also recover your gmail account from your mobile.

It would be more better if you also choose a security question in gmail. It will help you in the case when your account is hacked or you have forgotten your password, they will ask the security question from you and you will answer it and your account will be back.

Don't let the other's know your mobile number or your security question so anyone can't access your account through security question or mobile number.

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