Monday, December 5, 2011

Odesk - Freelancing site review 2011-2012

Odesk - Freelancing site review 2011-2012

Odesk is third best freelancing site in my opinion. It is different with other freelancing sites. Basically concept is same employer hires contractors(freelancers) and freelancers do work. And after completing work employer pays them. I want to highlight some unique features of this site
1) Free Tests : You can give many tests free of cost without spending single penny like english grammar, php, seo, css, adobe photoshop, html, xml, call center skills, maya, 3ds max, word, excel, powerpoint etc. This is unique feature because in other sites like it is paid. They charge $5 for each test.
Should i give test? Yes, because many employers want some specific skills for completing project. Suppose i am employer and i want a website. I post project on odesk and i add in skill section html and xml qualified. Means if you haven't cleared both tests you cannot bid on project even if you are an expert on html and XML.

2) Hourly projects : There are two type of projects in odesk first one is fixed price project and second one is hourly projects. In fixed price projects you will get paid according to fixed price. But in hourly projects you will get paid according to hours. And for counting of hours they have a program name Odesk Team. You have to download and install it on your computer. While working on hourly project you have to login in odesk Team software. Software will automatically count the hours of work and it will send some screenshot of your screen while working on project. Employer will see the screenshot. And it is the proof that you have work how many hours on project.

3) No paid membership : There is no paid membership for freelancers. Isn't it good

4) Payment Options : You can withdraw amount direct in your bank account currently available in India and US. Oherwise you can use paypal, moneybooker, wire transfer and payoneer debit card.

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