Saturday, December 3, 2011

Notification of Payment from Google Adsense

Notification of Payment from Google Adsense .

It was a pleasant surprise to read an email from Google that they have dispatched my AdSense earnings check though the amount is not mentioned. I think it is very smart of them to hide sensitive details.

This notification is a big help for AdSense publishers, especially for the first timers. In order to know when a payment is sent and when it will arrive, it is a bit tricky to gather the details from one's AdSense dashboard. It was so when I started in 2005.

The Google AdSense forum will be full of questions on this issue for which you can hardly find useful answers.

How to get bigger payments from AdSense
I have started getting slightly fatter cheques that is evident from the number page views this blog attracts. It now stands at 9300. It is an incredible improvement from 4200 page views earlier.

Thank you Google Adsense for your payment notification email!

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