Monday, December 12, 2011

List of Money Making Website lists 2011-2012 :lL

List of Money Making Website lists 2011-2012 :

* (at clixsense, you get paid upto $5 for each ad you click. This one differs greatly from the other paid to read sites on the net, because not only are they highest paying, rather they also offer $5 for each referral. And, if you upgrade to a premium member, no obligation as such, then you will make 10 times more money than a free member even without referrals)

* (join to get paid instantly. no waiting for payments with this website)

* (get paid 5 cents per text message you receive by joining)

* (even though this site pays through prizes, it is one of the best around. you earn "chips" for searching and other things which can be redeemed)

* (get paid to test free products. The company sends you free products to test and give your opinion)

* (this site pays you every night. Join now for free and get paid tonight for completing various tasks)

* (get paid $1000 dollars per month for viewing a 30 minutes sales video each week. you will make money faster by referring others. but, you will earn even if you don't refer. This program is totally free to join and earn. The fees mentioned in the information overview is the money the advertisers will be paying you for viewing the video presentations, not the money you have to pay for anything)

* (a good site to check out for the latest legitimate work from home jobs)

* (this is the reputed website where you get paid for completing a HIT - Human Intelligence Task. This is a MUST see site to make easy money with a reputed brand company with the easiest job. Example of a HIT - is like check where a pizza is located in a photo and you get the money...isn't that simple!)

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