Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Latest SEO Tips - Check the Page Rank (PR) in Bulk

Latest SEO Tips - Check the Page Rank (PR) in Bulk

If you are about to go for link building. it is always suggested to link to those sites which are new or emerging and are not banned by google.

To increase page rank along with traffic link to site which have good pr along with less alexa rank . But what if you have to have a long list to check page rank that is bulk page rank.Then here is a solution

insert the lbulk page rank

put your links list keeping one link in one line

the only problem in this site is it gives the result when whole process is done.
even process is bit slow.But it acceptable since it is a solution to check page rank also known as PRof
each website manually from the sites like

result of bulk page rank

Just Visit the Below site


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