Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Index Your Website/Blog/Wordpress in Search Engines Within 6 Days!

How to Index Your Website/Blog/Wordpress in Search Engines Within 6 Days!

Its a challenge to every webmaster and blogger to put their websites and blogs in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. Normally Websites and Blogs get indexed with the passage of time BUT today, Webmasters and Bloggers want to see their blogs listed or indexed in Search engines within few days even they want to to see their blogs in search engines within few hours or minutes. This is not an easy job to get index in Search Engines within few hours. You need a proper strategy to put your blog or website in Search Engines within few hours.

My Blog Posts are indexed within minutes or even in seconds in Google Search because of my Proper SEO optimization strategy and content writing ability.
If you are having a website then your first activity must be to add proper meta tags, meta keywords, meta description, robots.txt, sitemap in your web pages.
If you are a Blogger, then i will recommend you to use few blog directories to submit their blogs. Not All Blog networks are useful to submit your blogs but You should only try Technorati, Mybloglog andBlogcatalog . Technorati is most powerful Blog directory, mybloglog is a blogging network by Yahoo where you can submit your blog contents easily. Blogcatalog is a Good to have backlinks and to get free traffic to your blog for ever.

Sitemap Submission:
Sitemaps are created to help search engines to crawl your blog or website easily. A Sitemap is actually a map of your website which tells the directions of pages of your website to Search engines to index your webpages or blog posts. You Should Submit your blog’s or website’s sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo! specially.

Make Comments on Blogs:
Making Comments on Dofollow blogs also work. So, i will suggest you to make comments with your blog link on posts or Dofollow blogs because it will increase your Website or Blog’s Page Rank and you will also get a decent traffic from those blogs where you made comment. Its also helpful for SEO because search engine bots will follow the comment link and then land on your blog.

Social Bookmarking:
Social Bookmarking is another effective method for Search Engine Optimization and fast indexing of your blog posts and website contents. You can also use Automatic Social Bookmarking which will add your blog updates and website contents in Famous Social Bookmarking websites.

Ping Services:
Ping Services are used to inform search engines about your blog or website’s existence. Ping Services notify search engine about your blogs and websites. Pingomatic is free service which notify to multiple search engines about your blog. If you are using WordPress platform for blogging then you can ignore pinging way because WordPress has default Pinging feature which tells Search engines about your Blogs.
I just wrote most useful and working tips to get indexed in Search Engines in few hours. There are many strategies to do but explaining all those tips will make the entire post boring and lengthy.

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