Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Chose A Good Domain To Drive More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog

How To Chose A Good Domain To Drive More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog

A lot of new affiliates do not know the importance of a good domain name. Selecting a good domain name is the first step to any online business that has to be done after some careful planning and keyword research. Even if you own a blog, buying a domain name that includes your keywords will certainly help you to increase search engine rankings. Therefore spending a few dollars for a new domain name certainly is worth it.
If you want to make money fast online then ranking high in a search engine is amazing. A good domain name will not only attract the search engine but it will also draw more visitors to your site. Here are a few points you might want to remember when selecting a domain name.

1) Domain name shouldn’t be too long – This is an obvious one. A long domain name can be hard to remember for your visitors, always chose a domain name that’s easy to remember and a one that makes sense. Ex –,, are some great domain names for sites selling laptops, since they are not too long and easy to remember. Using a “-“ sign to separate words is also a good idea to use in a domain.

Example :

2) No Misspellings – Of course a good domain name shouldn’t have any spelling mistakes in it. When some affiliates are unable to find a domain name that includes their targeted keyword they deliberately buy a domain name that is close to their targeted keyword but is misspelled. Doing this is not a good idea in the long run as it will make it harder for your customers to type it in. Example : and are not the same. The second one is misspelled and it can certainly confuse many customers.

3) What is your targeted audience – If you are targeting a certain country like the United Kingdom or Frace then it is better to buy a .uk or .fr instead of a .com. Since when customers search on Google if they are from the country that you are targeting they will most likely click the domain that ends with .uk (United Kingdom) or .fr (France) or .nl (Netherlands) etc instead of .com. So for sites that target certain countries buy a domain name that instantly shows the customers where the company or website is based.

4) Always Include your keyword – This is the most important one of all. If you are buying a domain name then do some keyword research using the Google Adwords tool or any other keyword research tool and see how you can include your targeted keyword in the domain name.

5) Service or product – If you are providing a special kind of service or product that is not very common then select a domain name that makes you stand out. An attractive domain name which is unique and draws customers.

Also remember when ever a customer types in a certain word or phrase in Google and when Google displays the results that particular keyword or phrase the customer typed will be highlighted wherever it is mentioned. So including your keyword or phrase properly in the domain name is very important as it will also be highlighted which will increase the chances of a visitor clicking on your link. There for choosing a proper domain name is also a very important part of making money online.

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