Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How great are blogs for Internet money making business

How great are blogs for Internet money making business

1. Your web hosting service provider is not good, there is frequent changes in the data centers and servers and its IP addresses website hosted on a particular servers and its IP addresses get good ranking because of their reliability factors.

2. You have a band with limitations: When your bandwidth reach to limit website traffic drops down.

3.It happens that you have your press release about your business published on your website and other news release publishing website, since decades your website was doing well and suddenly drops down in the search engine ranking , because your website has contents similar to those which published your news release , this happened latest with Google releasing its update in search engine rankings its called Google Panda update, well for your information Panda is a name of the person working with Google who developed this ranking in order to remove website which copy content from others websites and simply put it over them and eat up rankings of genuine websites.

Well that is good, but we too get affected because of this.
Our one of friend has great experience of this, he lost his ranking which he was king of so much creamy key word and dropped down to page 10, and his traffic dried to great extend.
He had approached me for help, I love to help others, and when I observed the problem created with panda updates, I had to think of other options than the present website as I am a lazy fellow, I like to take up easy tasks first, as it would be difficult to do damage control to a website dropped down, we never know the exact reason, it make be a small word too may be a great factor.

Then what?
His business was greatly affected, but fortunately he was writing about his business on a blog or a blog.
We simply optimsed that blogspot blog and uploaded few articles with good information and provided few good page rank back links to this blogger blog from where we provided referral links to his main website and again he started receiving good traffic to the blogger blog and his business was restored back in few day , we could achieve the lost ranking in three days.
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That’s not our hard work.

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