Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How 2 Used 2 Facebook attract more visitors For Youe Website/Blog

How 2 Used 2 Facebook attract more visitors For Youe Website/Blog

Most of the online marketers prefer for conservative methods that include article marketing, blogging, forum posting, video marketing and back linking but no one ever thought about the website which has almost 40 billions visitors a month, yes you speculate it right, the facebook. Facebook is a valuable tool to get catch massive and incredible amount of ‘targeted traffic’.

• Make your profile interesting to attract visitor to see.

• Include pictures, post videos along with your profile to enhance visitor's interest.

• More than 80% user uses Face book to attract new visitor to convert into the customer.

• Build up your group, but be aware of spamming visitors.

• Be a habitual user, visit frequently to your follower’s sites. Reply them regularly; take part in your supporter’s group.

• Add your profile to social campaign.

• Customers mainly interact with retailers on social media sites in order to learn about products and promotions.

• Attract more traffic; it is wise to update your profile along with your provided seo services frequently in Face book.

• Facebook is the best place to reach shoppers. More than half of everyone who shops online uses Facebook, and of those online shoppers who engage in social media

• Shoppers are actually choosing to engage in relationships with retailers on social sites.

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