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Great Top 10 Advertising Networks For Publishers Networks 2011-2012

Great Top 10 Advertising Networks For Publishers Networks 2011-2012

1. Kontera – In-Text Advertising

Kontera is a good network if you are just starting out as a publisher or if your content is text heavy. You can get into the network throughScribefire or sign up directly, and the code is simple to install. The downside is you will have a ton of double underlined ads at random locations in your text. For some readers it can be a nuisance. This is a great network while you are still at the “I want to pay the server bill” stage.

2. Text Link Ads – Text Link / In-Text Advertising

This network deals in paid text links which typically find their home in your sidebar. There is a lot of upside to Text Link Ads. You don’t need gaudy banners, they pay well and they are generally transparent to your audience. Unfortunately, they are on rather shaky ground Google and using TLA can get you penalized in the engines. For most small publishers this won’t be a significant issue, but if strong positioning in the SERP is absolutely critical for your business, this should be a consideration.

3. Commission Junction – CPA / Affiliate Marketpace

Commission Junction deals in cost per action and affiliate programs. If you run a site that reviews products or otherwise encourages buying behavior, this network can be extremely lucrative. Typically the payouts per action are substantially higher than cost per impression or cost per click networks, unfortunately if your site does not convert viewers into buyers you won’t see a dime. There are tons of affiliate networks out there, commission junction is one of the largest and most well known.

4. Shopping Ads – CPA / Affiliate Marketplace

Think commission junction but with deals through eBay, Amazon and other retail channels. Again, before using this as your primary monetization channel consider your audience. If I am using your site as a pitstop to a purchase, affiliates are a great way to get cut — if, however, your site gives me no incentive to buy anything, don’t expect to see a huge payout from Shopping Ads.

5. Adsense – Contextual Ad Network

The most recognizable ad network on the web, Google’s contextual adsmake up a huge percentage of online advertising. The reason is that they are one size fits all, no matter what your site Google probably has an ad for you. Not only that, their fill rate is superb and they are an easy network to get into. What’s the downside? It’s easy to outgrow them, you will eventually find that Google’s payout for many verticals isn’t as good as you could be making elsewhere. At that point, it might be time to start looking at other providers and using Google as a remnant to fill your unsold inventory.

6. Technorati Media – Rep Agency

This is one of the ad providers we use here at HTSAA. Technorati Media has a fantastic sales and support staff and CPMs I have only seen rivaled by Gorilla Nation and Federated Media. They payout at 50% and they currently sell skyscrapers, leaderboards and rectangles. The downside is that they are difficult to get into (they currently work with about 100 publishers) and because they are new, they have a limited number of campaigns available. If you have a few other providers for your unsold inventory, I can’t say better things about Technorati.

7. Tribal Fusion – Rep Agency

Like Technorati Media, Tribal Fusion is a rep agency so you will have a sales staff behind you trying to sell advertising into your vertical. The result is very competitive CPMs and a fill rate that comes from being behind an established network. Unfortunately, getting into Tribal Fusion isn’t easy. Bad economic times are also causing them to decrease the number of publishers they let in, which will be especially difficult for smaller publishers who might have been just large enough to get in under other conditions.

8. Federated Media – Rep Agency

While I have never worked with Federated Media personally, I will say that they are a premiere agency for top-tier bloggers. They have some of the highest CPMs in the industry and they have a sales staff that is constantly working to drive new, innovative campaigns to their publishers. You will need substantial traction to have a chance to be accepted by Federated Media, but once you get a few hundred thousand monthly impressions it’s worth sending in an application.

9. Gorilla Nation – Rep Agency

Gorilla Nation is another network I haven’t worked with directly, but it has the reputation as one of the best ad providers for medium to large publishers. Like all rep agencies your biggest problem will be fill, they can’t provide hard numbers (since they are different depending on the publisher) but expect to see a 30% fill rate.

10. Forbes Business Network – Rep Agency

Forbes Business Network is specialty ad network for business and finance blogs run by the salespeople at Forbes. I have had a love hate relationship with FBN. They are a great provider of premium advertising, seeing $5 CPMs in some cases. Unfortunately, depending on the month the number of campaigns and their fill rate can be extremely low (under 10%). Forbes is a great addition to the chain, but it is unlikely to be your only ad provider.

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