Friday, December 9, 2011

Best 5 Affiliates Programs for Indians 2011-2012

Best 5 Affiliates Programs for Indians 2011-2012

* Affiliate Curry – A Bangalore based Indian Affiliate network which offers you to join as advertiser / publisher and offers commissions on sales, leads and clicks. You just need to signup and add the advertisers codes on your website to start making money, the minimum pay out is 250Rs payable via check.

* ClixGaloreIndia – A Venture from well known Affiliate network offers targetted indian affiliate programs like sales commissions upto 75% and leads / signup options upto 400Rs Each.Offers five scaled levels of Affiliate recruitment and promotional services to our Merchants. Network access to the USA, Japan, Australia, India and the UK.

* – offers you with a great money making oppurtunity because has got a big brand in indian youth market and you can make 25Rs / free signup and upto 2000Rs for paid signups with lifetime tracking options where in the commisions are paid when the sign up’s are converted anytime.

* Bharat Matrimony – A group website which offers an affiliate program where the affiliates make upto 50% of the paid membership fees the members pay to bharat with the program running from 1997 ie 10 years.

* Tyroo – Tyroo empowers your website to earn ad revenues for you. Once you Register with Tyroo, your website can potentially attract ads from advertisers across the globe. Ensuring you of a constant stream of advertising revenue.By joining the Tyroo network you offload your effort of selling ad space on your website to Tyroo. And just enjoy the revenues that your website has the potential to make.

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