Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zedo ! Earn huge with solid Ad serving Tools

Zedo ! Earn huge with solid Ad serving Tools
Zedo is one of the best ad network on the internet. You can apply for it if you receive sufficient traffic because it doesn't approve any website with very low traffic. Zedo has solid technology to their publisher. They have solid ad serving tools and you can use it to show ads on your webpages. Zedo offers very high rate to their publisher. Zedo provides different types of services as:

1. Publisher Ad serving

2. Yeild Management/ network optimization

3. Publisher Rich Media

4. Self Service Advertising System

5. Professional Services as ad operations & creative

6. Affiliate Solution

7. Ad Network

8. Buying & Selling Ads

Payment Method- You can request your payment via check or PayPal and the payment mode is net 30 days that means you will receive your February' payment at the end of March.

Minimum Payout- Minimum Payout is $200

Click here to sign up as a publisher in zedo -

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