Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why We Use Google Adsense ? The Advantages Of Google Adsense

Why We Use Google Adsense ? The Advantages Of Google Adsense

If you’re looking to monetize your website by displaying targeted advertising, you have numerous ad server platforms to choose from. Google AdSense has become one of the leading ad servers in the online advertising industry by offering numerous advantages for website publishers. With Google AdSense, you can:

* Generate revenue from your website traffic
* Get ads that target your site users’ interests
* Customize the look and positioning of your ads to integrate well with your website
* Get the highest bid for your ad space
* Filter unwanted ads
* Choose which ad formats you want to display
* Track your success with easy online reports
* Get paid through numerous payment options
* Spend nothing on selling your ad space.

With Google AdSense, you can tap into Google’s vast advertising network to get targeted ads placed on your website. Advertisers who opt in to the Google display network either pay when their ads are shown or, more commonly, when their ads are clicked. Google collects the revenue generated from advertising impressions and clicks and shares that revenue with website publishers like you. Signing up for Google AdSense and placing ad units on your website is done pretty easily, and you incur no expenses in getting the ads placed on your website.

Google targets ads to your website using three methods: contextual targeting, placement targeting, and interest-based advertising. Contextual targeting matches Google ads to the significant keywords on your website. Placement targeting allows advertisers to choose specific ad units on your website to place their ads. Interest-based advertising places Google ads on your website that match the interests of each user, based upon the other websites they’ve already visited.

Google AdSense allows you to customize the look and positioning of Google ads to integrate well with your website. You have the option of changing colors, fonts, text sizes, ad units, and positioning on your page to give your visitors the best user experience.

Google AdSense provides advertisers with the exact placements they seek for their ads, and in turn you obtain premium pricing by giving advertisers what they want. When you create ad placements out of your channels in Google AdSense, advertisers target their ads by topic channels or by position on your webpage or website. The more placement options you offer advertisers, the more competition for your available ad space and the more ad revenue you will generate.

You have the ability to block certain ads from displaying on your website by choosing ad filtering or category filtering in your Google AdSense publisher settings. Ad filtering allows you to block ads containing specific URLs and category filtering allows you to block ads from specific product categories.

You can display any number of Google AdSense ad formats on your website, including text ads, image ads, link units, video ads, and gadget ads. You maximize your website advertising revenue by choosing to run each of the Google AdSense ad formats, although you need to make sure the ad formats you choose integrate well with your website and enhance your user experience.

So in short, Google AdSense offers you a great number of advantages with its convenient and no-cost advertising platform.

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