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Tribal Fusion Approval Publishers Approval Tricks 2012-2013

Tribal Fusion Approval Publishers Approval Tricks 2012-2013

Tribal Fusion has so far been the best performing ad network for me. Getting into the network is not that easy, but the dividends it pays to get in is definitely good.
Tribal Fusion
Over the past few years, Tribal Fusion has been the second highest earner for me. It has continued to grow CPM wise and earnings wise. Though I won’t disclose the earnings or CPM explicitly, I can tell you that you will earn $1+ if you tweak it accordingly. More tips on tweaking it will be coming up in a future article.
That said, I have definitely had a very smooth and pleasant experience with Tribal Fusion. Their ads are top notch and the support is top notch too. I once had to block certain ads, and even though they had this feature in their interface, their support staff did it for me.
Tribal Fusion Hits

* Ads from top companies
* High CPM rates
* Good support staff
* Timely payments
* Not much load on website
* Supports multiple size ads
* Users can easily block intrusive creative
* Can be used as an alternative ad-server to display ads from other networks when Tribal Fusion does not have ads to display
* User can set a base CPM to ensure that ads are only delivered if they are above a certain CPM

Tribal Fusion Misses

* Reporting is not up-to the mark, lacks country and specific size reports which can help you optimize ads
* No way to browse inventory and block advertisers unless you see ads
* No option for PayPal payments
* Does not support email reports

Overall Rating: 8/10
Minimum payment: $50
Payment terms: Net 45. You will be paid 45 days after your minimum payment has accrued.
Payment methods: Check and NEFT.
Minimum Requirements: 500,000 unique visitors a month. Only top-level domains supported.
Revenue Share: 55% for publisher, 45% for TF.
How To Get In? Send an application to become a publisher at

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