Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top Ten-10 G0ogle AdSense Earning Tips & Tricks 2011

Top Ten-10 GOogle Adsense Earning Tips & Tricks 2011

1. Don’t Encourage your visitors to click on Ads.
You can use “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements” only. Do not encourage your blog or website readers to click on your Google AdSense Ads by saying "Please Click On My Ads" or "Please Click This To Give Me Some Dollars" or "Please Click On My Ads, And I will Click On Yours". You must not cheat Google AdSense. No doubt, Google AdSense Team will catch you, sooner or later, because of the latest digital methods Google Inc. uses for Click Fraud.

2. Don't Click On Your Own Ads
You cannot click on your own Ads in any way. You are not allowed to click even for testing purposes. Definitely, you can view your website or blog and can make changes or add more contents. But clicking on your own ads will get you banned by Google.

3. Don't reload your web pages repeatedly
You can view your website but loading your web pages repeatedly can get your AdSense account banned by Google.

4. Choose a high paying niche
If you wish to make reasonable amount of money online, you have to find out high paying nice but without too much competition.

5. Use Highest Paying Keywords
You can try highest paying keywords from Top 20 AdSense Keywords. You can use Free Google Keywords Tool, too. You are to select high paying keywords but with less competition. It is not necessary that a highest paying keyword will give you more money, unless it has less competition.

6. Don’t Create Mirror Sites or Mirror Blogs.
You can make new websites or blogs, but remember, you must make new websites on different niche and with totally new content. You can decrease your website's search engine rankings, if you create mirror sites, that is, websites with different domain names but same content. Its easier to create many websites with low earning than few websites with high earning.

7. Try Google AdSense For Search.
Google AdSense for search is definitely useful for adding some more money in your next Google AdSense Check. They provide a search facility to your visitors and cause your readers to stay more on your blog.

8. Keep Changing AdSense Colors and Placement Areas.
You should keep changing your AdSense Ads positions, colors and sizes, constantly, after every some months. Use different Ads ith different color scheme, format and color on different web pages. So that, your visitors may not AdSense Blind.

9. Make More Websites
If you can produce rich content on different topics, create more websites on different niche. This can increase your Google AdSense Earnings significantly. Remember, you have to publish new and nice content on every websites for good web traffic from Search Engines.

10. Don't Cheat Google
Do not try to cheat Google. Google will catch your Click Fraud sooner or later. Your GOogle AdSense account will be banned.

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