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Top TEN-10 Best Affiliate Networks Lists 2012-2013

Top TEN-10 Best Affiliate Networks Lists 2012-2013

What are Affiliate Networks ?

Affiliate networks provides publishers and merchant affiliate programs a platform so that both can be benifited from each other. Companies register their affiliate programs with affiliate networks so that they can find best publishers for their affiliate program. Using an affiliate network publishers can easiliy apply for any affiliate program provided by registed merchant under affiliate network.

Usually merchant share a revenue percentage with the publisher when publisher redirects a buyer on to merchants website from it's website and redirected buyer make a purchase from merchants website. to track all this process affiliate networks provides benifits like tracking tools, reporting services and payment aggregation.usually their is a fee associated when a merchant joins a affiliate network whereas publishers can join an affiliate network mostly for free.

Best Affiliate Networks

There are hundreds of Affiliate Networks are available worldwide but all of them are not equally good. where some publishers joins global affiliate network like Commission junction and Google Affiliate Network , some other prefers to join a local Affiliate program like DGM India.

below we have mentioned a list of most famous affiliate network which suerly will give you best income if you'll join them wisely.

1) Commission junction: (

This is the largest affiliate network in north america own by the company called value click. commission junction operates worldwide. among the top 500 companies using a 3rd party Affiliate Network are client with commission junction. This networks having clients like Yahoo, Dell, GoDaddy etc.

2) Google Affiliate Network: (

This is another Affiliate network own by google inc formarly known as Doubleclick Performics, which was take over by Google in 2007.

3) Shoogloo Network: (

Shoogloo is an affiliate network from india which provides pay-for-performance based programs to their publishers, It's having few big corporate clients like Indiatimes into it's client portfolio.

4) DGM-India: (

DGM-India is one of the largest India based affiliate network wholly owned by Asia Digital Holdings plc. DGM-India having many big corporates into it's client portfolio. Globally DGM provides services to more than 250 Blue Chip clients.

5) ClixGalore: (

ClixGalore provides an opportunity to their publishers to Start earning commission for the sales they generate for ClixGalore Merchants. publishers have to promote ClixGalore's Merchants using both text or graphic advertisements. They are giving access to their Network in India, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

6) Click Bank: (

Click Bank is another Top Affiliate Network i found on web, this Affiliate Network mostly deal with digital products. They make the payment twice a month. Click bank was founded on 1998 and serve more than 200 countries. As per their website they claim a sale in every 3 second.
ClickBank is privately held with offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho. Click Sales Inc. is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc.

7) Amazon: (

Amazon is a best affiliate network in the world of internet. they provide excellent stats and also provide great link that you can put on your blog or website to generate good income.

8) LinkShare (

Link share is one of the oldest affiliate network found on internet.This is also a free to join affiliate network. LinkShare is having many fortune 500 companies into it's client portfolio.


This is another great affiliate network own by Media Breakaway LLC. it provides Great stats and money making opportunity.

10)XY7 (

XY7 is another big affiliate network . currently they are recruiting on super affiliate who are earning more than $5000/month. This is a great program to join if you are eligible for it.

Many other affiliate networks are also available on the web but the networks which are mentioned above are recommended by most of the webmasters i found on internet, beside joining an Affiliate Network you may join an individual affiliate program or a pay-per-click program like AdSense and can make money money online. We'll publish more Affiliate networks and there review individually on our network in our coming post.

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