Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tips to Get More Traffic to your forum 2011

Tips to Get More Traffic to your forum 2011

If you are looking for getting traffic on your blog or forum, always look forward in joining other blogs and forums that are related to your content.
Make your forum signature with your blog title and link and make sure that it is as attractive as possible.

Reply to maximum number of threads and always keep them active. With this start, you will start getting traffic to your forum.

You may also get back links that are an add-on to get more traffic. While posting comments always try to post the useful ones. Adding witty and humorous one-liners would also help in getting more traffic. If your comments are informative and to the point, bloggers may take time to visit your blog.

Do not waste your time by just spamming with your links. On every addition of new content or articles, ping different blog services and directories. This would automatically allow you to notify blog directories and search engines about the update.

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