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Success of Back links – Easy Way to Get Success and Money in online

Success of Back links – Easy Way to Get Success and Money in online

Did you ever build backlinks for your website or buy sponsored link ? With me, it’s really waste money.
If you are new to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) marketing, you probably have no idea what backlinks are and the importantce of them. Backlinks are links that point back to your websites or blogs, when a website adds a link to your website or when you place a link back to your website on another website such in the case of forums, blogs, and any other websites that are able to put your link on it.

The Importance Of Backlinks
Search engines such as Google rank web-pages in their index according to the amount of backlinks they have. Take for example, a website that has 5 backlinks versus a website that has 100. Google will find the website with 100 backlinks more popular and rank them higher than the website with only 5 backlinks. The only exception to this is relevance. For example, even though the website with 100 backlinks has more links than the website with 5, if the links are not relevant to the content on the website, Google will eventually rank the website with 5 backlinks higher than the website with 100.
Getting backlinks to your site is one of the effective search engine optimization techniques that helps improve your ranking in the search engines. You must be careful about what sites you get your backlinks from. There are some sites that google considers as bad neighborhoods. If you get links from these sites it could hurt your website’s performance in the search engines, or get you banned.

Quality backlinks
Backlinks help improve your website’s performance in the search engines by suggested authority.
The qualities that you should look out for when assessing and generating backlinks to your website include

Do follow attribute

This refers to the allocation of authority to a link.

A do follow link, when crawled by the Google bot, allows the bot to assign some authority to the site the link is pointing to. This is used by Google when determining the relevance of sites to keyword search terms.
With links that have the no follow attribute however, the bots can still crawl these links but will not allocate any authority to the site being linked to.

So in a nutshell. You want the baclinks pointing to your site to be do follow
Page Rank of the site linking to you

The PR of the site linking to your is quite relevant.

The higher the PR, the more authority the outbound links from that site carry.
So in simple terms, a backlink from a PR 6 site carries more of an SEO boost for the target website than one from a PR 2 site. But other factors must be considered

Number of links
The PR boost or authority passed on from a site with outbound links is distributed amongst all the outbound links on that page.
So if website A with PR 5 has two out bound links and website B with the same PR has 10 outbound links, the authority passed to the individual websites linking from website A will be more than that from website B.
Solution To Obtaining Relevant Backlinks There are some solution that you can looking for and make your backlinks building plan success such as rent a seo services from a company or someone else, do it yourself or give money out for purchase backlinks from sellers. Now what, you can considering which is the best way that can help you gain a lot of quality backlinks with low cost and saving money to you. Let’s us compare help you in this case.
1. Rent seo services from companies or some freelancers : With this way, it’s have both of advantages and disadvantages. The good news that you don’t need to know or have much experiences about backlink building, just take care about who you rent to do and the result they bring back to you. The bad news that there are a lot of bad companies and freelancers and they really have not much experiences to make things success, just want to take your money.

2. Purchase backlinks from sellers, bloggers or webmasters: Yes, this ways is good because you can have good links from anywhere you want or any available links from websites that allow for selling. But also you should to take care about fake website with low quality such as fake page rank, not really good traffic with low conversation. It can make you lost a lot of money without gain anything back. Moreover, Google already notify to every bloggers, webmasters that if they found we selling or buying backlinks, they will dropped out or banned your websites from search engine.
3. Do It Yourself: Easy ? Not really, because following this way, it’s requires you have much experiences about backlinks building and SEO. It will easy if you has do this before or already learning about SEO and Internet Marketing. But it’s so hardly with you if you are beginner. Don’t worry, let’s check more our introduces bellow and make decision.

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