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Smowtion Publiishers Network Review 2012

Smowtion Publiishers Network Review 2012

What Is Smowtion :

Smowtion is a technology company specializing in the Ad-Network business. They pay publishers for displaying Ads on their website/Blogs. Smowtion is having 80,000 publishers worldwide and this number is keep growing.

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Can Smowtion be used with Adsense

Yes you can use Smowtion with Adsense, Smowtion is compatible with Adsense.

Ad types

There works method alternates between campaigns which may utilize CPM (Cost-per-Thousand), CPC (Cost per Click) or CPA (Cost per Acquisition). In the case where advertisements are presented in the CPA manner (i.e. the advertisements are paid for each time a user buys a product, subscribes for a service, plays a game, fills out a form, forwards to a friend, downloads software, installs an application on a social network, makes a telephone call, etc. by means of the banner), earnings shall only be recorded once said action/conversion has taken place.

Revenue Share and Payment mode

They offer 60% profit share if you'll directly register through their website and 80% revenue share if you will register the link provided below.
They pay on NET45 basis, means if you have $100 in your account you can withdrawal them after 45 days.

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Pros: The best part that i noticed about them is their support and reporting system. They approve a site in almost 2.5 Hours, and when you submit a ticket or chat with them they respond promptly. i must say they are best in reporting and support.

Cons: I recently registered with them and i am chasing with them for a good eCPM, currently i'm getting almost 4 cents per click that is very low compare to other, but as per their support guys it will take few weeks to improve the eCPM.

Recommendation: They recommend pop under and 300×250 and 728×90 ad sizes, which usually perform better.

Smowtion is a good option to earn some extra money with Adsense, and if you are not working with Adsense and have a high traffic website with US visitors then it is a best option to work with.

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