Sunday, November 20, 2011

SEO Tricks - How To Use Twitter To Get Traffic For Your Blog

SEO Tricks - How To Use Twitter To Get Traffic For Your Blog

How To Use Twitter To Get Traffic For Your BlogTwitter is a microblogging website which lets you tweet to the people who follow you in intervals shorter than that of writing a blog post.
Twitter is a wonderful way to promote your blog and drive traffic to it with an element of fun doing it. It might seem to a lot of people that using twitter for micro-blogging might just be a fun thing to do, it can be actually used to grow a blog. Building relationships being an integral part of growing a blog, and Twitter helps as an excellent tool for building relationships.

Take a look at the ways you can use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog, also improve the visibility of your blog.

Tweets and Retweets - Twitter works as a great way attracting a lot of traffic to your blog. Imagine the potential of traffic flow to your blog when there are tweets and retweets of your blog post. The more the followers on twitter the better it is for your blog. Ensure there is enough done to attract followers.

Building Network - It always pays to build a community online or offline and a twitter community is another way. A network with like minded people with the same interests and pursuits always is great because we can share events and happenings which interests us in every way.

Be Authoritative - Imagine a group of followers for your knowledge on a certain niche, always behind you asking you for doubts, clarifications and in turn motivating you to blog more.

Newer Ideas - There won’t be a time when you will run out of ideas for blogging and churning out better and interesting blog posts. You will always get new ideas for your blog posts while using twitter.

Clarify your doubts - The best part of twitter is the way you can get your doubts clarified.

Ask for promotions - You can always ask for promotions of your blog by requesting your followers to stumble, digg or share a blog post of yours. Although this is a tool which might backfire if done too much, it sure is a way to get your blog promoted

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