Friday, November 25, 2011

Legit PTC Site - Make Money with NeoBux

Legit PTC Site - Make Money with NeoBux

This is a Paid To Click (PTC) site running on GeN script. Simply, it means you need to click an advertisement and view it for few seconds and later you earn money for that click. The best PTC site is NeoBux. You can make money by clicking ads, referal (50% earning), and rented referal if you have a hard time looking for people to join under you.

Standard (free) members will always has 4 ads to click and new ads might appear anytime throughout the day and those ads will expire as soon as their credits are clicked.


1. Forum: They have an active forum, admin and moderators response in a reasonable time.
2. Payment Proofs: Lots of payment proofs being posted on the forum by members.Our Payment Proof
3. Real Ads: The ads that they are serving are from advertisers, that’s a good sign as they have income to support the payment.
4. Pay On Time: The payment is instance, you get paid as soon as you request the payment.

Things You Need To Know:

1. You can only have more direct referrals after 30 days of being a user and having at least 100 clicks credited.
2. You can upgrade only if you are after 15 days of being a user.


Overall, the site is good and we recommended it to all. Members are happy, instant payment system, and you can reinvest into the site with your main balance. Rented Referrals are relatively active compare to others.

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