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Latest CPA Publishers Networks Beginners Training Part 2

Latest CPA Publishers Networks Beginners Training Part 2

CPA Network Application Process: Part II

Applying and getting accepted into CPA networks is not difficult if you know the right steps to take – and that’s the goal of this guide. When I was a complete newbie, I knew very little about CPA marketing when I applied and I got accepted into something like 12 of 13 networks I applied to. And this is with substantially less knowledge about CPA then you learned in the NAME TAKEN OUT IM Boot Camp and without all the knowledge you are learning in this report, never mind everything you will learn on the rest of this site...but more about my experience later. The point is that you shouldn’t freak out about the application – it really is super simple!

The Application Process

This report is literally the longest and most comprehensive CPA network application resource I have ever seen. Even the $17 and $27 eBooks about applying to networks don’t go into this much detail! What I fear is that because this is long and details everything you need to know, that you will automatically assume the process is hard. Let me assure you, it’s not. I just want to give you the most information and most ammunition possible. Remember, our goal is to actually help you make some serious money online, not just go through the motions. And just to ease any fears you may have, I HAVE NEVER heard of anybody who couldn’t get into at least two CPA networks.

As we discussed in an earlier section, networks take on a lot of risk by accepting affiliates. Sometimes CPA Networks must pay commissions out of pocket before they receive money from the advertisers so they have financial exposure. If these commissions are “bad leads” such as those from scammers and fraudsters, then the network probably won’t get paid from the advertisers, which means they just forfeited all that money. This is why CPA networks have a screening and application process to try and weed out the fraudsters and scammers. There are dozens of scammers and fraudsters trying to get into these networks every day, so this is a very serious concern for the CPA networks. There is common misunderstanding that networks are trying to weed out “newbies” or newer marketers in the screening process. For some networks this may be true, but the vast majority of network care less about how experienced you are and care more about whether you will be doing anything sketchy as an affiliate -- they are weeding out the fraudsters, not the newbies.
What are the networks looking for in the screening process? Well, they are generally looking for affiliates that will promote offers the right way and for affiliates that have a good base understanding of what CPA is.
Now there are certain countries and regions that are known for having rampant fraud, so affiliates from these locations will be scrutinized more in the application process. For example, if you are from Nigeria, it will be more difficult to apply, but it’s certainly not impossible. It just means you will need to demonstrate more proof you know what you are doing and will promote the offers the right way. If you are from the United States, the UK, Australia, or any developed nation, you won’t have anything to worry about here.

Again, I have never met ANYBODY who hasn’t been able to get into at least two CPA networks! Here is a brief rundown of how the application will work:

Step 1: Find a CPA Network You Wish To Join
Step 2: Go to Their Site and Find the Affiliate/Publisher Application
Step 3: Fill Out The Application
Step 4: Try Reaching Out To the Network (optional, but will help)
Step 5: Phone Screening (sometimes)
Step 6: Once Accepted, Take A Look At All The Possible Offers To Promote Step 7: Make Some Serious Money Promoting The Offers

Step 1: Finding a CPA Network to Join

At the end of this report, we have listed some of the best and most reputable CPA networks there are. Most of the larger networks we recommend have a wide range of CPA Offers so you really only need to belong to 1 or 2 of these networks to start off with. If you want to have even a wider variety of offers, you can certainly belong to more networks though.

If you are looking for a network that carries a specific offer, you can go to one of the CPA offer directories we have for you at the end of this report and find out which networks host the offer.

Step 2: Find Application on the Network

We have conveniently given you the links to the affiliate/publisher applications of a few of our favorite CPA networks at the end of this report. If you need to find the application of a network not listed, just go to the CPA Network’s home page and find the affiliate/publisher section and the Join Now or Apply Now directions should be right there.

Step 3: Fill Out the Affiliate/Publisher Applications

The applications of all networks are pretty similar and very simple to fill out. The following are the main pieces of information the networks generally ask for on their applications:

Personal Information: Name, address, email, etc
Tax ID Number: Social Security Number if you are getting checks made out to you. If you are running through a business and want a check made out to your business, you will put in your business EIN number, which is the Tax ID for businesses. If you do not have a Tax ID number, just put in zeros and explain you are from a different country when you reach out to them. Sometimes they have a separate application for affiliates from other countries.
Web Site: If you have a website, it may help to submit it. (discussed later) Experience: Your internet marketing experience
Your Plan: How you will be promoting the CPA offers (PPC, SEO, etc)

Step 4: Try Reaching Out to the Network

Networks look favorably at affiliates who show shows they are willing to take action and shows you are probably not a scammer. Most scammers try and slide by the application process unnoticed. By calling the network, this will give them a good feeling you are legitimate. Many networks will reach out to you, but it’s a good practice to try reaching out to the network first. Some networks approve/disapprove applications without ever doing a phone screen, but we will go into that in the next step. You can sometimes find a contact phone number at the network’s web site you are applying to or you can try doing a Google search. If you can’t find a number (some networks don’t make it public), try finding an email address of somebody at the network. If you still can’t find a phone number, don’t worry, this step is an optional step.

When you call or reach out to the network, you should ask to speak with somebody regarding a recent application you submitted. You should call within 24 hours of submitting the application. When you speak to the appropriate person, just explain that you submitted your application and wanted to make sure they received it because you are looking to promote some of their offers. Then just tell them they can reach out to you if they have any questions about the application. In many cases, they will review your application right on the spot and either accept or deny you or ask you a few questions about how you plan to promote their offers. This is super simple stuff. And should take 2 minutes max.

Again, this step is optional, but you will get better results if you take the initiative to do it!

Step 5: Phone Screening

The phone screening is when the network will call you and ask you a few short questions to make sure you aren’t doing anything sketchy. Some networks just pick and choose who they decide to call and automatically accept or deny other applications. This is a measure they do to prevent fraudsters. The phone questions shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 minutes to complete, so it’s certainly nothing to stress about. I will tell you the exact questions I was asked in the next section and tell you exactly how I answered them, and I got accepted into all but one network when I was just starting in CPA. Here are some common questions:

How long have you been promoting CPA offers?
How do you plan on promoting the offers?
Do you belong to any other networks? If so, which ones?
How much traffic do you anticipate generating?
How much do you spend daily/weekly/monthly?
How did you hear about our network?
What kind of offers do you like?
What niche of offers are you interested in?

Step 6: Once Accepted - Explore the Offers

Once you get accepted, start looking around to check out the network and the different CPA offers they have. Just explore a bit so when it’s time to promote, you know how to navigate the site

Step 7: Make Money

Now that you are accepted, spend some time learning everything there is to learn about traffic generation here at Warrior Forum.

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