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Indian Railways Site makes Rs10 Crore from Adsense Ads & CPM Ads

Indian Railways Site makes Rs10 Crore from Adsense Ads & CPM Ads

Indian Railways website at offers everyone with Ticket Reservations and related services, like the PNR Enquiry, Train Calendar, Train Time Table etc which are very much useful for the millions of travellers all over India.

The company is said to be in huge profits in the past few years and there are many reasons for this which includes Couriers & Parcels, Earnings from shipping of Coal, Steel, Stones, Sugar, irctc Catering etc essential goods. The passenger section includes fares taken under Tatkal scheme and high fares in A/C First Class & A/C 2 Tier. Now here is one of the best part of making money which Railways is adopting right now.
According to different website traffic measurement services on an average the website receives Daily Pageviews of around 10,86,956 ie around a million page views all of the pages showing different advertisements like Google Adsense, CPM ads from admagnet, Popup Ads etc. The lowest the CPM Ad agencies pay for the advertisements is 0.10$ and on an average big branded websites achieve atleast 1$ CPM rate because of direct advertisers and targetted visitors with high budgets. Now this 1$ CPM rate would mean that the Indian Railways gets paid 1 USD for every 1000 page views, while the Pop-up Ads normally range from 2$-4$ for different networks. Lets move towards the calculations part.
Approx Daily Page Views : 10,00,000
Approx Monthly Page Views : 3,00,00,000
The website displays 2 CPM Ad banners & 1 Popup Ad while we did a quick check, which means that on every page load 3 times a ad is displayed.

3 * 3,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 90000$ / month *12 = Approx 10 Crore Rupees / Year
These calculations are calculated on the basis of 1$ average CPM but as mentioned earlier big websites get excellent offers from the advertisers who would be ready to pay higher rates just for displaying their advertisements. The only hope is that the webmasters of this website which regularly goes down because of database and other issues reports all the Income it makes from the Online advertisements to the officials because we are pretty sure that

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