Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to Monetize your Web site with Oxado

How to Monetize your Web site with Oxado

Your web site or Blog Can Generate revenues by integrating advertising space. The contents of your pages get richer, and at the same time, you make a profit.
Once you have signed up on-line with our simple forms, and for free, Oxado handles everything: relevance of ads, real time updates, automated management...
Our partner networks represent 60 000 advertisers in the word: it would be difficult not to find relevant ads for your site!
Create your web site, Oxado does all the rest to generate revenues.
Oxado is smart
Oxado finds the best ads by scanning the contents of your site.
Whatever the type of advertising campaign, Oxado optimizes the relevance of the ads shown on each of your pages, maximizing the revenues.
Oxado is clear
Using a login and password picked when you sign up, you can get access to your Oxado account at any time: detailed reports of the traffic on your web site, revenue generated, payment schedules...
Simple payments
Right from the start, you select how you wish to be paid: by bank transfer (only in EU countries) or via
Oxado commits to pay the revenue of the past month within 30 days.
Oxado sends out payments from 100 euros.
Referral and automatic referral
You can earn 10% of the revenue of any other publisher that signs up by following one of your referral links. And even better: that also counts for publishers that sign up after clicking on the "Oxado" link on yours banners!
Why chose Oxado

* Completely free
* High revenue thanks to exclusive partnerships with the largest "cost per click" and "cost per acquisition" networks in the world: Yahoo! Search Marketing (previously known as Overture), Miva (previously known as Espotting), Genieknows, Goclick, Searchfeed, Tradedoubler, etc.
* No traffic minimum
* Monthly payments
* Relevant ads, non intrusive and useful for your visitors
* Easy integration in any Web environment
* A wide range of formats for a better integration in your web site (see all available formats)
* More than 3 million ads covering the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.
* Ads are selected automatically
* Detailed reports
* Automatic ad rotation
* Good advertisers
* A wide variety in the ad topics, from banks and insurance companies to local companies
* Direct access to thousands of advertisers

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