Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Make Money from the images on your website?

How to Make Money from the images on your website?

Income without selling anything online.

Very few people are aware of this most underutilized online money making method. It is called image monetization. It is a free money and passive income too. If the images on your website are qualified by the ad provider called Luminate, then, you have a good potential to make a steady income without selling anything online.

Luminate ( was formerly known as, an in-image advertising network that website owners and bloggers to monetize the images on their sites.

I believe the qualification process is quite strict but that should not deter from throwing a stone.

From the original, Luminate is a lot different on how a publisher makes money out of the images on his blogs.

I remember reading that the minimum payout is only $10. I take it as an indication that it is tough to reach the $10 payout level.

Blogs whose main content is images can earn money by applying to Luminate. Travel blogs who thrive on images are the most suited to this method of monetizing.

Earning money from the images on your website is here to stay.

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