Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Get Free Back links - Basic SEO Tricks

How To Get Free Back links - Basic SEO Tricks

In today's article I will share with you tips to quickly get free quality back links to your blog. It 'very easy to add back some very simple steps. Everyone wanted to make the quality of back links to his blog in less time. But I urge you to focus on content rather than the opposite. Because the content is what everyone is looking, backwards, it is important, but if you have created thousands of back links to your blog a lot less time, then search engines will start to think you're a spammer.If you have quality content people will start automatically link your blog, viewers begin to share your content on social networks. Tips to get free quality back links quickly.


The most common ways and easy to collect thousands of quality back links is to comment on. Commenting is not only giving back links as they run some good amount of traffic to your blog that all bloggers want. Make a list of some good sites to blogs up and comments on these sites. Enter keywords related to your website in Google search and open the Web site 4-5 and write a review on these sites. Submission to directories RSS

2.Rss: -

Well, I think, is the second best and easy way I use my blog to collect quality back links, and I am satisfied with the outcome of my submission to the RSS Feed Directories "I collect thousands of back links at one time a month for my blog. Using a free RSS feed submission directories.

3.Social media: -

Social media is another good source to get quality back links for free. Do not add media sharing button on your blog, so that viewers can easily share their content with the world. If you think your content is useful, you can write your own content on different platforms of media.

4.The presentation:

Write a message of quality 3.4 and submitted to article directories and free presentation

does 100 directories article submission free to submit your content, you only need to get them.

5. Content quality:

In the latter, but not always try writing quality and exclusive content, so if people think that the content is useful or helpful automatically links your article in your own blog or a forum . Using tips from 2.1 up form after you can easily make quick backlinks quality for your blog.

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