Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grow your website+Engage your readers+Make more money

Grow your website+Engage your readers+Make more money
Grow your website, Engage your readers and Make more money With Ligit is an ad network that helps publishers ( blog & website owners ) to increase revenue along with site performance because it provides some useful Tools to increase time on site, drive page views and reduce bounce rates. It also provides analytics tool for your site that can help you to understand your users' interest or activity on your site.

Some features of this ad network-

* Quick Payment Method on every 30 days
* No exclusivity requirements.
* Full transparency on ad set up to increase revenue.
* You can choose location based ads

You can increase revenue with these ad types:

Keyword retargeting ads
Remnant banner ads
Roadblocks ads
Homepage takeovers ads
Flash ads
Rich media ads
In-banner audio/video ads
Social engagement ads
Synched banners ads

Video Ads
Mid-roll Video Ads
Pre-roll Video Ads
Post-roll Video Ads

Mobile Ads
Mobile web ads
Mobile apps ads

Contextual Ads
In-text ads
In-image ads

Payment Method- Payments are sent via PayPal.
Minimum Payout- Minimum payout is $25 and payment mode is net 30 days.

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