Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Google Adsense Frequently Asked Questions 2011-2012

Google Adsense Frequently Asked Questions 2011-2012

Q: can I make multiple accounts?
A: yes, payee name can be same but the address should be different.

Q: Is it approved using tamper method?
A: No.

Q: Will i receive check?
A: yes.

Q: How do you get approved?
A: We apply with pre-created domains.

Q: Accounts are created in same IP?
A: No, each account has its own IP.

Q: Can i apply with the banned payee name and address?
A: yes, you can apply even though you have banned before.

Q: Will my account get banned?
A: No, until and unless you break the TOC of google.

Q: Can I login multiple accounts from a single PC?
A: No, If done all account will be banned by google

Q: Will the book really make me to earn?
A: yes sure, its written by a Adsense Guru.

Q: Can I get approval around 24hours?
A: Sometimes Google may delay in approving the accounts, but getting approval is sure.

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