Sunday, November 27, 2011

Get Your Traffic Revenue from Adhitz ! - Adhitz Review - Adhitz Info

Get Your Traffic Revenue from Adhitz ! - Adhitz Review - Adhitz Info

AdHitz allows ordinary website owners and bloggers to convert their traffic into revenue.

As Publisher AdHitz, you only have to add your site to a database Adhitz. Then you create ad zones, set the price and type of ads are allowed. The system of which is owned by Adhitz then will make the HTML code from your ad, to be placed on your web pages. Once the code is placed, the network will soon Adhitz Ads will start appearing on your pages.

Adhitz offers 13 different sizes for text ads, and 4 different sizes for image ads to choose from.

Publisher has the possibility to obtain from 2 stream ad:

* * Site Specific Ads (Special Advertising Website) - With this advertisement the advertiser or the Advertiser chooses to advertise on certain websites, yours alone, and not on the entire network of websites. That way, publishers will be charged according to rates that you write on Adhitz and will get the part as much as 70% of the ad.
* * Network Ads (Ad Network) - It's considered "filler" ads and increase your earnings whenever available. Advertisers will pay a flat rate between $ 0.03 and $ 0.12 per click from legitimate clicks, Publishers get 70% of this amount. Value of click is determined by the state in which the click originated as illustrated on page Tariff.

Note: If you sell space or ad space (Ad Special) on your website, special ads will replace the Ad Network.

The following list of advertising rates adhitz;

1. 1. $ 0.12: United States
2. 2. $ 0.10: Canada, United Kingdom
3. 3. $ 0.08: Finland, Netherlands, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland
4. 4. $ 0.06: Cyprus, Guernsey, Israel, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Aland Islands, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Italy, Malta, San Marino, Andorra, Gibraltar, Ireland, Japan, Monaco, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Isle of Man, Jersey, New Zealand
5. 5. $ 0.03: In addition to that listed above (including Indonesia)

Once your account balance reaches the minimum payout you selected, payment can be sent to a PayPal account or AlertPay. Payments will be sent once a month on or before the 10th of every month.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day. Most support requests answered in less than an hour.

However, according to experience, at this time, the payout rate from adhitz, must achieve a minimum of $ 10 (ten dollars). But, it is best, so any new blog can be registered directly and immediately approve (Auto Approve).

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