Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Freebie Forums Tips & Tricks

Freebie Forums Tips & Tricks

There’s freebie forums out there you can post on.These forums are places people are looking to get free stuff, free deals, the kfc offer, if you've seen it is on damn near every free forum there at the moment.

Most of these freebie forums want moderator approval first on your posts, and some will ban you at the slightest attempt to post an affiliate link, or cpa offer, so my idea is simple

create your own freebie forum in which you can go into and spam it all you want, it's your forum after all.

You've got your free section, where people can grab free anything really in completion of a CPA offer.

Some ideas would be free e-books, free games you can find anywhere, free music . free software, free screen savers, free offers based on your ads, IE free TV, free samples, free whatever.

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