Friday, November 25, 2011

Extra Revenue from Google Adsense Through Flixya Network

Extra Revenue from Google Adsense Through Flixya Network

Flixya is multimedia social blogging service run by google Adsense Powered also it is given 100% revenue sharing for adsense user. You can upload and share everything here in , Now go to flixya and register new account with new google account, If u have already google account with adsense program you can use same account.
If you don't have adsense account don't worry for google adsense account, Because you can get google adsense approval without any web / blog using by flixya account. I know you should asking question like "How is This possible?", Just follow below steps for asdsense beginner.
(You already have adsense account skip this step & follow second procedure-II)
Procedure I :
Step 1 : Create Flixya account with newly created gmail account. (That Email was not applied with adsense in past days)
Step 2 : Upload your pictures, videos, and create your own topics in blog section ( Note : Don't Upload and Adult content, If you do google close your accounts with your adsense also, So be careful.)

Step 3 : Get Traffic for archives (videos, pictures, blogs) by sharing your pictures to your friends and set link in your blog or thread or social networking site.
Step 4 : Now you goto revenue setting in flixya and apply adsense through here. (Don't fill adsense creation before your uploads).
Step 5 : After filling revenue setting google will be send 1 adsense account creation mail to your gmail which mail is landing in spam or bulk or inbox, So defenetly you check this mail and register adsense for your flixya account in adsense arena.
Step 6 : After finishing all above steps your google adsense program is under review, Google will send verification mail for adsense approval it is taking 2 to 5 days.
Step 7 : After Getting adsense approval you go to adsense account tab and select grant button for Other wise google will be send automatically mail for "accessing of"

Step 8 : Finally your google adsense ads will showing in your flixya pages on within 2 working days.
You finish all above steps after u can easily make money with adsense.
Procedure II :
For existing google adsense users follow above steps 1 & 2 & 3 and jump to step 7 and step 8, In between step 3 and step 7 you just add your adsense detail in flixya revenue setting and after follow steps 7 and 8.
Finally You are getting extra money from google adsense through flixya.

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