Saturday, November 26, 2011

Basic Features to Choose WEB HOSTING ?

Basic Features to Choose WEB HOSTING ?

1. 24/7 reliable tech support

2. Your own domain name ( -

3. At least 10GB of monthly transfer (traffic)

4. A minimum of 20MB - 50MB of server space

5. Unlimited true POP email accounts -

6. Unlimited email aliases

7. Email forwarding

8. Unlimited auto responders

9. Your own unrestricted CGI-Bin

10. Access to SSL Encryption for secure transactions

11. MySQL Database

12. Perl

13. Ht access password protection

14. Server Side Includes (SSI) support

15. Design (and upload to) your site using Netscape or
other HTML editing software

16. Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions for those
utilizing Front Page

17. Unlimited free access to your server via FTP/Telnet

18. Easy access to your log files

19. Statistics on visits to your site

20. Referral Program

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