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AffiliateBOT Network Publishers Network Latest Review 2011-2012

AffiliateBOT Network Publishers Network Latest Review 2011-2012

Since its launched in 1996, and re-launched in 2006, AffiliateBOT's tracking software is the best and easiest to use both for Affiliates and Merchants alike. You can actually promote AffiliateBOT and earn USD$1 for each active member referred and 5 percent of their earnings.

As an affiliate, merchants will offer you attractive commissions as a reward for bringing them customers or sales. As long as you have the ability to refer them traffic - be it through your website, forum, blog or even email lists, then it is high time that you really should use this advantage by earning money from AffiliateBOT.

Just like other marketing network, AffiliateBOT will try to bring offers that you can effectively promote in your site. It is absolutely FREE to participate in their network, and all it takes is just a couple minutes to get your account up and running.

Regardless if you own a website, you’re a blogger, a frequent forum poster, you can use the links generated by AffiliateBOT to enhance the traffic and prospective buyers to the products of the merchants. Aside from that, you can indirectly increase the interest on your own site if you have one.

I also found the setup of AffiliateBOT user-friendly. I easily control the multiple functions of their promotions easily and efficiently, without having to be some kind of a computer expert.

Of course, I won't be too attracted to AffiliateBOT if they don't have real-time reports. Their affiliate platform provides the dollar-by-dollar you generate to the overall strategy and reporting system of your program.

As for their commission payout, it goes like this:

Payout date: 15th of every month
Transaction payable: Usually 30 days after transaction (merchant-dependent)
Minimum payout: USD$50.00
Payment methods: Paypal, US check, local check, wire transfer.

For the merchants, AffiliateBOT offers a flexible management platform, where you can set up and control the multiple functions of your programs easily and efficiently. Actually, the latest blogger-enabled version, allows merchants to turn website visitors into a fanatic mass of selling-bots working overtime to drive sales to the site everyday.

Also, the campaigns' numbers are easily accessible and any and all of the merchant's information can be easily downloaded to the desktop.

The problem lies with the fact that in order to earn, you really need to convince your readers or prospective clients to purchase the product. The mere clicking and site visits earn you anything except maybe a few thanks from here and there. Without any sale, no food is expected in the table. It is, therefore, not surprising that some bloggers shy away from AffiliateBOT because other affiliate programs can already assure them instant earning without their readers actually purchasing any item. Unless you have a good marketing skills or convincing talent, this may not be the affiliate program for you.

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