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Making Money from twitter is so simple, but only for those who have large number of followers. If you want to make money from twitter, then you should increase your follower. However following are the available techniques and ways through which you can earn money from twitter.

You get paid for posting a particular message about a product or service to share it with your followers. The more followers you have, the greater you will earn. You can also earn by referring users to these paid review website to earn referralcommission.
Paid Review List

2. Tweetad
3. TwitPub
4. RevTwt
5. Tweetbucks
6. Be A Magpie
Affiliated Marketing
Posting referral links for products and services OR affiliated website URL is another way through which you can earn money from twitter. Join affiliated programs and increase your followers, then share the affiliated links with your followers.
Sponsored Contest
There are several companies that allow you to participate in a contest and earn money using twitter. You simply give feedbacks and suggestion for there products and service and the winner get cool prizes.
Direct Advertisement
Once again it depends on the number of follower you have, the more followers you have, the greater the chance to earn good money from your follower. You can show a product or service link in your profile OR you can show some one else links on your twitter profile to earn money.
Sell Twitter Applications
Twitter also allow you to make money by selling there applications. Lots of paidapplications for twitter available on the web, promote and get paid. This also comes in affiliated marketing, however this is more easy to sell a twitterapplication rather then any other product on twitter.

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