Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Most of People are using Genuine adsense account???

Why Most of People are using Genuine Adsense Account ???

I have seen that genuine "adsense account". What is genuine adsense account and other adsense account.
there is no genuine and fraud. there is one adsense account is called adsense account, do not make people fool using this words.

If Genuine Adsense account that will not banned?? Then other accounts will be banned? what is this!!!!!

How are you working with adsense that is most important.

How to avoid my google adsense account banned?
    many people are using click exchange, click on your ad yourself, ask your frienda to click ad, don't know about CTR, not aware of Impressions and Policies.

Avoid aboue mentioned points and get more knowledge about adsense then do it. Keep it Safe Your Adsesne Accounts.

Onec Your Adsense Accounts its Banned It's Not Possible to get it Back Again

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