Friday, October 28, 2011


CPA Network is affiliate company that pay high commission on Click Per Action. Click per action mean if you refer somebody to your affiliate link and they fill out information or subscribe successfully your cpa network that you sign up with will pay certain amount of commission that determine to which are product your promoted.

CPA Program is like the advance level of internet marketing. You can make a lot of money if you site got a lot traffics. You can promote CPA with many different methods; you can used google adword, twitter, and banner space. One of the main problem is you can not get approve easily with cpa network they are looking for hungry marketer with experience internet marketing. When you apply for cpa network they always ask for your website, and you website must be good otherwise you will got rejected. This so many marketer got rejected because the website not attractive or not enough traffics.

However there certain cpa network allow entry-level marketer to sign up this does not required much experience or need really good website to get approval. When I started my first application with Neverbluads I got rejected they can tell by my website does not meet the requirement.

Few months later I discovered Limelight CPA Network because they claimed that is first entry level. I did apply with limelight cpa and and got approved few hour later. After that I was happy and continue to learn how this cpa work and how to make money.

Good luck!

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