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Top TEN-10 ways to keep Strong Friendship

Top TEN-10 ways to keep Strong Friendship


Hi friends,
Friends are my real fun and happy world, and it will always be. So just thought of putting some ways to keep up a long time friendship and a strong one too.
Here it goes:

1. Send a gift of care:
If your friend is not near by to you for a long time. Then the best way to say him/her that you really care for them is to send some gift of care. It can be sweet little friendship card, which says "Miss your friendship" . You can also send a gift pack with with a card in it. The gift can be something relating to friendship. By this your friend will surely be happy about getting such a friend and he/she is surely going to call up or mail you.

2. Managing misunderstanding:
Never give way to the deadliest word in friendship "Misunderstanding". How to manage misunderstanding? What if your friend misunderstands you? The best solution is admit it and ask sorry. If it was not your mistake, try to ask sorry and make your friend understand what went wrong. Understand your friend good.

3. Plan out a vacation together:
Hey buddy, lets hang out some where today and have fun. This way you are going to spend your valuable time with your friends. You initiate about the plan and ask your friend to join you. If your friend does not agree upon the date, just fix the plan on some other day. Involve your friend too to make the plan.

4. Send mails and text messages during busy times:
You may not know when your life takes you away from the friendship world. You may get out of the country if your job asks you to do so. The best way to keep in touch is using phone calls and text messages. You can suddenly message your friend/friends saying " I miss you buddy" . Wow, It is going to send a surprise shock down his spines.

5. Never bring a third person in your friendship:
Most people discuss with a third person what your friend has shared with you. What is going to happen by this? It is by some ways going to turn into the deadliest word "Misunderstanding". The third person may not keep up the secret with himself/herself. Hence, going to hurt your friendship a lot. This is by some way breaking trust. Never break your friend's trust. The secrets shared with you should not be let out to any third person.

6. Do not compare your friends with any other person:
What I mean to say is, never try to criticise your friend based on religion, family background, skills, etc. What if your friend is poor and you start criticising him for not being rich, about his dress, about his behaviour in a rich social gatherings. My sincere advice is do not take him/her to such social gatherings and never talk bad about your friend in a social gathering. If you are a rich guy, why don't you give him some money to buy a good dress, so that you both can hang out to such social gatherings :) :) Respect your friends.

7. Give moral support during bad times:
Your friend may undergo a bad time in his life, job, career, exams, family problems, etc. It is your responsibility to give your friend a proper moral support. Why don't you just put your hand around his shoulder and hug him. Give a hug when your friend is in pain. Hug is scientifically proved to give passage of love and affection.

8. Praise your friend:
When your friend achieves something in his/her life, do praise him/her. It is good if you praise him/her in front of others. Why not in a social gathering... great idea.. If your friend is not successful enough, don't discourage him but encourage him.

9. Do not hurt your friend and apologize for hurting:
Breaking trust is a biggest way to hurt your friend. Telling lie can also cause hurt. Not sharing something with your friend but, later your friend comes to know about it. Going out with other friends without a particular friend. Breaking promises... Lot of other things can cause hurt. It may be silly yet hurting. Apologise for hurting your friend immediately. There are situations where you may hurt your friend unknowingly, in that case just a sorry will take you out of the pain of hurting.

10. Hang out with your friend for a movie:
It is a cool idea to hang out to a movie, especially a friendship movie. It is way to spend time with your friend/friends and you can always have fun too.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this :) have fun with your friends. Enjoy :)

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