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Top CPA Publishers Value Click Media Latest Review 2011-2012

Top CPA Publishers Value Click Media Latest Review 2011-2012

Value Click Media is one of the world’s largest integrated online marketing companies. It aims at delivering scalable solutions for advertisers to cost-effectively acquire customers and for publishers to maximize their revenues. Value Click Media also provides possible solutions for the complex online marketing needs of today.
The company brings together Web publishers together with advertisers, providing the technology necessary for each side to manage online advertising. It offers e-mail marketing, and advert placement services throughout a network of more than 15,000 websites in the United States and 5,000 internationally. The company’s affiliate marketing tools track and analyze online marketing programs through its commission junction subsidiary while its Mediaplex unit provides online ad serving and management tools. Pricerunner, and allows consumers to compare and research products online.

The ValueClick Media network reaches over 74% of U.S Internet users across their 13,500 sites that it has. Targeting is done on 21 content channels with hundreds of categories. This helps users narrow down searches to what they want. The company utilizes affiliate and search marketing strategies. In affiliate marketing, costs are tied directly to results. This translates to advertisers only paying commission to publishers when a consumer takes a desires action such as a sale or a lead. The company offers high rewards for publishers and extensive reach for the advertisers through using of their many websites. In search marketing, the customized search solution offers a convenient way to create manage and maintain programs of its users.
ValueClick media uses the industry’s most developed behavioral targeting technology to increase response from the target audience. System Targeting is also practiced using variables that can be identifies from within the ad network technology platform. Other user targeting options employ key demographics that include age (18+) gender, education level and so on. There is also use if content targeting through content channels as mentioned earlier.
The money making comes in when using referrals, display ads and affiliate marketing .Affiliate marketing that is available through ValueClick Media and all thee types are controlled through one panel. These types include CPAs, CPSs, co-registrations, and promotional advertisements. These options require more effort from the site’s viewers, but also pay the publisher more when the required action is completed. Referrals provide ValueClick Media users with a bit more revenue. When a publisher is linked to the advertising network through a user’s site and signs up, that user gets a bonus equivalent to 5% of the new user’s earnings for the first twelve months of service.
ValueClick Media pays its publishers on the 20th of each month for the preceding month’s earnings.
If a publisher’s earnings for the month exceeded $25, they are eligible to receive a payment,
although payment minimum amounts may also be increased through the control panel to $50, $100, or $250.
Unpaid excesses are rolled over into the next month’s earnings. Publishers can be paid by check, Pay Pal, and as of July 30th,
2007, direct deposit for US and Canadian publishers.

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