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The list below is the list of the CPA networks

The list below is the list of the CPA networks I signed up with and these have all worked out well for me.

Azoogle Ads
Hydra Network
Market Health
Diablo Media

Out of all of these Markethealth is the easiest to get into. It requires no phone call it literally is just an application and then an auto-generated acceptance letter. Its amount of offers are somewhat limited but its a decent starter network.

Ads4Dough is also a good starter network very friendly and helpful Affiliate Managers.

COPEAC and Hydra are two of the biggest networks out there and have a load of offers to chose from but they are little more selective.

MarketLeverage is crazy good at sniffing out Black Hat traffic so beware everyone who dabbles in this.

Diablo Media is difficult to get into they take mainly only super affiliates (guys who do a lot of volume) but if you can get in they've some great offers and payouts plus a solid team and tracking system.

Be sure and sign up for each one. That way you’ll still have several to choose from even if one turns you down. They are all going to want basically the same information, and now that you have this report, you’ll be able to give them exactly what they want most.

Individuals Living Abroad

People who live abroad have it tough when it comes to getting into CPA networks. You have several major obstacles including that you might not speak english well, CPA networks do not like certain countries of origin and that it is hard to receive payment.

Well to tell you the truth, it's hard but it's certainly not impossible. The easiest way to go about getting approval to a CPA network is by being honest.

There are however several things that you can do to make it more likely for the CPA network to approve you.

CPA approval for internationals can be tough but when you know your stuff its not impossible at all. This method works especially well for those who can speak english well, an added benefit is that if you admit you live abroad there is no need to get a tax ID for that network.

The method for application is pretty much the same as outlined in the first section of this free guide. Here are just some pointers:

* A good website is crucial in this situation it makes approval much smoother and most of all makes you look good. Remember in this situation you are trying to send this message to the CPA network, “I may live abroad but I am good at internet marketing and I can make you guys a lot of money.” So a good looking website and a solid cover story (PPC advertising or Banner advertising as explained in Individuals Living in the United States Section) help out a lot.
* If you can"t call the network let them know! Tell them that because of your location it is especially difficult to call them and correspondence via email or AIM is the easiest for you. Often times the network will offer to call you, if you are uncomfortable with English simply say, “Unless it is absolutely necessary I would rather not talk over the phone because my command of the English language is not perfect. I can express myself better via Instant Message.” Usually this works and they will just call you to say hello and make sure that you exist and are who you say you are. They will ask you the questions via IM. Use the methods outlined in Section 1 to get by this.
* Show them proof. Often times when I was approving CPA accounts for those living in other countries showing the networks proof that you work with other networks helps them a lot. It lets them know that other networks have recognized your talent. NeverBlue has asked me for screenshots several times when approving foreign accounts and CoProsper once even rejected me and within minutes of me sending them proof of working with other networks sent me an acceptance letter. I have included screenshots from various accounts. Feel free to use them and modify them if necessary. The networks don"t want to see earnings just proof of your membership.
* Factor in the time difference. If you can call the network keep in mind that they might not be in the office at the time. The same goes for AIM, they aren"t going to be online at 1AM.

If you keep these things in mind you will be golden and being honest upfront will be make things easier on you if you need to communicate with your AM later on.

Individuals Offering an Approval Service

First of all let's just do a little math here. A CPA account approval can range from 45-100 USD. Which means if you do two a day for a week you will make between 630 and 1400 USD a week. That's quite a bit of money. Keep in mind there'll be some expenses but in the end the majority of that is profit.

I have approved many CPA accounts for people and have learned a lot in the process. Let me just start by saying that in order to approve accounts for others it is imperative that you posses the following skills:

* A firm command of the English language, this is crucial, in fact without it you are useless to people who want accounts
* Organization! When you start juggling multiple corporate identities, countries, names and addresses you need to be organized or chances are you will tank someone"s chances of approval
* People skills, goes without saying bot customers an CPA networks can get a little pushy sometimes Alright so let me just outline the general process:

1. Get clients information, address, SSN/EIN if applicable, and desired accounts
2. Ask the client to purchase a phone number at or, a domain if you deem it necessary and access to a professional email of theirs
3. Purchase a proxy that relates to the clients geographic area
4. Fill out the application
5. Call the network
6. Get the account logins and send them to the client

In order to keep all of my client organized I enter all of their data into a spreadsheet. Another thing I do is that as I am filling out their application to the network I take screenshots of each page before I submit them. I use these later on as evidence for the client as well as when I am calling a network to keep my facts straight. I save the spreadsheet as the clients name and keep that along with the screenshots in a folder for each client. I fill out the application with the same process every time, it is the process that I outline in Section 1. The only difference is that I use the email address that the client provided me with, use a proxy and login to beforehand and set up the number they purchased to forward to my personal phone. I also create a new AIM account that I use specifically for the clients accounts.

If you are approving internationals the likely scenario is that they have followed what is outlined in "Individuals Living Abroad" section. I recommend you read it. When working with internationals usually you just need to place a timely phone call. You make less usually but also do less.

If you also want to legally protect yourself there are things you can do. I have some of my clients sign Non-Disclosure agreements with a couple liability clauses added in. Clauses like:

“Client"s Name recognizes that Your Name is not responsible in any way for the actions that Client Name undertakes with the affiliate accounts that Your Name has provided him/her.
Client"s Name herby certifies that all information he/she provided to Your Name was to the best of his/her knowledge truthful and not fraudulent or stolen. Should it be discovered that the information provided to Your Name was false, fraudulent or stolen, Client"s Name assumes full responsibility for any legal repercussions of said discovery. ”

Doing something like that can put your mind at ease and help protect you should something occur. I use DocuSign in order to do all of the signing digitally it speeds up everything.

Proxy WorkAround: If you don"t want to buy proxies what you can do is use your home IP address and simply state that you travel a lot on business and that is why your IP address does not correspond to your normal address.

Note: If you are worried about CPA networks recognizing your voice, don"t be. They approve several accounts a day and chances are you won"t talk to the same person twice.

Individuals Who Want Multiple Accounts with the Same Network

There are several reasons one might want multiple accounts with the same network. Maybe you got banned from the network and want back in, maybe you want multiple accounts to spread out your blackhat earnings and reduce the severity of a ban should it happen. If you are one of those individual then keep reading this section.

Basically the process is really easy.

The application process is exactly the same.

You need however a new identity, a new address, a new IP address that you will use with that account only and a new phone number.

Creating Corporate Identities

In order to get a new identity simply form a new LLC or DBA. LLC creation has been covered. Filling for a DBA simply means that you take an identity you already have this can be personal or corporate and file a for to Do Business As a new name.

This means that you really only need one LLC and then you can file multiple DBA forms for that LLC that makes record keeping easier. Once you form your LLC apply to the first round of accounts and the file a DBA and apply for a new EIN for that DBA, ( This means that in the end all of the money will comeback to your LLC and the DBA"s all branch out from it. From a logistics stand point this is the easiest way to go but accounting can be a hassle. If you can"t hire an accountant to handle that mess you might be better off forming a new LLC/DBA each time.

To file a DBA you need to file a form with you local country clerks office. Google “City Name Country Clerks Office” and look for a document called either Assumed Name Form or DBA- Doing Business As and fill it out. Usually there is a 15-30 USD processing fee. If you live abroad sadly you cannot do this since you or your company need to physically reside in the county you file in.

Use these services if you want someone to file for an LLC for you.

New IP Address

Just head over to and specify the city/state you want your IP address to originate from. Make sure you lock it to one account per network. In other words you can use each IP address once per network. So you might have 10 accounts from the same IP but all from different networks.

New Address

If you form an LLC the registered agent service will keep you covered for a while if you use one of the services mentioned above. Otherwise check out EarthClassMail It makes logistics a lot easier and reduces paperwork.

New Phone Number

Use RingCentral or TollFreeForwarding, pretty easy to set up.

Organization is crucial once you start opening new identities.

What If You Get Turned Down?

I understand that it can happen. I actually got turned down by one network. This network didn’t bother to call me, they turned me down right after I submitted my application.

I just replied back to their email explaining what marketing I was already doing, who I was already working with, how much experience I had in marketing, and how I planned on marketing with them. Exactly what I wrote up in the previous section for “the interview”, but in email format.

Then I picked up the phone and called them. It was easy. You give them a call, they pull up your application, then they ask you the same questions that they would have asked if they had called you.

I answered all the questions just like I explained, and then I was approved right away.

But, even if you don’t get accepted in every network that you apply to, there are a ton of good CPA networks out there and you really only need a few good campaigns to be set for life. Also, don't forget that you can easily apply again after 3-4 months.

Thank you for reading this guide. I am certain that with it you can get approval to any CPA network of your choice.

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